• Web Browser Link Project Purchase Orders, Work Orders and Delivery Tickets
    • Creation of and reprint of a PO, WO or Delivery Ticket will no longer have a printer option and will instead go straight to the browser as a PDF for printing and downloading.
    • Email will include both the pdf of the PO and the url to open in the browser


  • Paid Stamp on client invoices resolved (this pertains to issues with Time invoices, and other rounding issues concerning the paid stamp image file).  NOTE: a new text format paid stamp will replace the old image.
  • The text of the credit amount shown on the credit invoice window should appear with the amount of the credit.
  • Reprinting a POS credit invoice is fixed to select the proper invoice style.
  • Capital One bank will, once again, be able to connect via Plaid to make payments; and any future banks (ie: Chase) requiring this new authorization.
  • “Penny rounding” error causing payment to not post in Pro Cloud has been fixed.
  • Added the designer signature line on residential and commercial proposal with deposits styles.