• Taxable default on Time Activities
    • Time Activity tax settings can override the Project Setting
  • Non-Billable default on Time Activities
  • A default list of Time Activities will be included for new companies
  • Employees with Employee Codes will automatically be created in the Employee Glossary for all new users added and will be associated with that user license for quicker time entry
  • Quick Add Time Button – takes user right to a new time entry window with employee code already associated for faster time entry


  • Fixed: Switching projects no longer changed time billing tier correctly.
  • Fixed: Change time default checkbox for only un-invoiced items to be required if create new monthly time buckets is selected.
  • Fixed: Error Message on editing an inventory adjustment with an inactive warehouse.
  • Fixed: Request for bid documents with vendor not filled in on all drop down fields.
  • Fixed: Deleting a time entry that is the only component on the item leaves the item and the component with no linking time entry.
  • Fixed: Security settings on favorite reports section.
  • Fixed: An inactive sales tax code can be assigned to a project.