We recently sat down with Jason Jenison from Nelco Solutions and developed an exciting offer for our clients.  Any DM clients who currently order checks through another provider should consider switching over and taking advantage of this 20% offer code.  The offer code is good for any new DM clients or existing DM clients who don’t yet order their checks through Nelco.

Since 1952, Nelco has been a trusted source for business form solutions and services. Since 2006, we have been a fully employee owned company. Our 175+ employee-owners are located in Grand Rapids, MI and Green Bay, WI and are all dedicated to helping you succeed in any way we can. Our full line of over 1,500 products and services are backed by superior compliance, service and fulfillment professionals. We currently serve over 24,000 businesses just like yours.

Design Manager spends time crafting trusted relationships with industry leading vendors to provide our clients with additional benefits.  It has never been easier to order your business forms and checks.  Simply use Offer Code: CA9 at the following website to order: http://designmanager.nelcosolutions.com.