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Brooke Moorhead – Design Manager, everyone uses it.

1. Has Design Manager made running your business easier?

Brooke Moorhead:  I wouldn’t be able to run my business without it.  I would never be able to run my business with an excel spreadsheet.  Sales Tax alone, how do you figure that out in excel?  I am thankful for Design Manager where I can just print out the Sales Tax report that breaks down all Sales Tax Codes.

2. What made you choose Design Manager?

Brooke Moorhead: Everybody uses it! haha  But really, it was just at all the firms that I either worked at or knew about before I went out on my own.

3. Do you have any tools you use to keep organized?

Brooke Moorhead: Yes, I always use Outlook for my calendar to plan my day.  So I put in stuff from my calendar, that’s also how I keep track of my hours.  I’ll move around my day and keep everything there and then every 2 weeks or every month I’ll go back to Outlook to export the time and import it into Design Manager.

West Village Comfort

West Village Comfort

“Brooke sees the best interior design as a harmony between beauty and creative practicality. She believes life is enhanced when living and working in well-planned spaces with pleasing aesthetics. Brooke looks carefully at each client’s requirements and preferences, and she works to channel her client’s aesthetic disposition and taste into an interior that will improve life. Her practice focuses on all aspects of a space, ranging from furniture, fabrics & accessories to architectural design, fixture & finishes specifications, cabinetry design and space planning.”