Chart of Accounts

Organized for the design industry

Capture financial information related to your assets, liabilities, revenue or expense accounts and organize it in the best possible way. You can create as many accounts as you want but Design Manager comes with a set of accounts tailored to the design industry.

Journal Entries

Keep your books balanced

Record those small but important transactions which need to be entered manually, like fixed depreciation of an asset or petty cash expenses. In addition, you can correct errors with journal entries when you want to transfer balances from one account to another.

Account Reconciliation

Know your numbers

Upload your bank or credit card statements for easy account reconciling in Design Manager. In addition, use Design Manager’s history feature for viewing past reconciliations.

Financial Statements

Essential reporting

Income Statement with multiple layouts, Balance Sheet, Trial Balance, Cash Flow Statement, etc. Design Manager includes all the necessary reports to see how your business is performing. Your accountant will thank you.

Advanced Accounting Features

Enterprise style accounting

Design Manager offers advanced accounting features like closing fiscal months and blocking posts into closed months.

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